by Dieter Klein
Terms of trading

On 13th September 2003 copyright laws in Germany were  tightened up drastically. Copying of music media except for private safety copy was as well prohibited as giving them away to a third party. At this time any trading is made impossible. Sorry folks, but blame it on the music industry. Seems they try to criminalize nearly every music lover even people who won't ever make a buck with their low quality bootlegs and won't cause any commercial damage.

  • I don't sell or buy any recordings especially none of the official releases. I give to you a copy of my fan-for-fans-only concert releases for free and you give me another concert recording as a present in return. No money involved except for CD-R and postage. Definitely !
  • If you like to get the official Zappa stuff, buy it elsewhere. Yes, buy it, don't copy ! I've bought every single official Zappa release myself on LP/CD, sometimes both issues. If you want more, I feel with you.
  • I'm trading 1-by-1, that means you send me some CDs and get the same amount in return.
  • Sending is without jewel cases. It helps to save some money. Don't feed the postal service !
  • Don't use CD-R with shiny front. They look so ugly and I don't need your fingerprints. I expect fine quality with printed surface on the front only. You'll get the same quality in return (Sony, Verbatim or TDK).
  • I'm also interested in progressive rock and krautrock from the 70's until now.
For further details write to (Didi). Please include your trading list. If it looks interesting enough, you will also get a link to my complete list of  600+ Zappa shows and 200+ bootlegs.

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